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Our mission is to facilitate seamless event promotion by connecting event promoters with locations that host event , and event seekers promotion by connecting event promoters with locations that host event , and event seekers

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upcoming events near me


“We are an average group of people who have banded together to solve the worlds problems by building an event community that makes sharing and finding events easy.”

Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, and event seekers want to make the most out of their free time. Eventmoon is a new free app, a platform on android and iOS that makes it easy to find fun events in your local area without having to spend hours looking through endless websites or event boards. This powerful free application platform gives you the details you need about every public event in your area.

Eventmoon is an event and community guide for your area. This intuitive platform comes with a notification system to remind you when and where events are happening. It will also notify you of new possibilities based on your location and recent searches. Easy-to-read, userfriendly application is perfect for traveling.

We truly believe in providing quality entertainment at no charge! Come and join our event community and enjoy the experience of finding entertainment events

How It Works

“Our network has collaborated with partners from all over. Plus, we have die-hard fans who contribute by submitting info about events to us.”

Check our events calendar so you can plan for your next concert or activity well in advance. All you need to do is log into your app or visit our events page online. You will find a list of events categories listed according to upcoming dates. You can also search exclusively for the entertainment, sports and social activities that are happening in your area.

Eventmoon makes the process of finding your next social gathering or major concert that much easier and efficient. With our free app, you never have to be left in the dark when it comes to finding local and new events.

Explore our wide range of categories and discover exceptional deals and exciting events to remember!


"We are your trusted local events finder. Introducing the new Eventmoon app, available on Google Play and the Apple Store, so you won"t have to wait to discover what"s happening in your city. With our free app, you can explore the latest activities and entertainment!"

upcoming events near me


• Simple and Intuitive Interface to find events

• Tap the search icon to discover new events near you

• Travelling? Find Events with Intelligent Event Search Filters

• Take a break from the mainstream event follow-ups

• Track the event countdown and stay informed

• A notification system that reminds you of your favorite events

• 100% transparency, privacy, and security for users

• Discover thousands of events from different countries

• Promoter Pages to list events and gain more popularity

upcoming events near me
upcoming events near me
upcoming events near me
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upcoming events near me
upcoming events near me
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upcoming events near me
upcoming events near me
upcoming events near me